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Graphic: Like a tree planted by streams of water.
Title image: Foundations for Eternal Life

Sharing the Book with Others

As indicated on the copyright page of all three books: “Foundations for Eternal Life, Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life,” and “Building on Foundations for Eternal Life,” these books may be freely copied and shared with others. Some ways to do this are: Share the link to this website. Copy and send one or more of the eBook files. Repost the eBook files on your own website. This may help people in censored locations to have better access to the book (more than just providing a link to this website). Share on Facebook: Click on the “like” or “share” button on the book’s download page: Foundations for Eternal Life Beneath Foundations for Eternal Life If you would like something physical to give to others in-person, you may want to print and cut some sharing cards (similar to business cards) using either of the following .pdf files: FoundationsCards.pdf BeneathCards.pdf